The Human Coach Method: Navigating Through MUD with COACH

Apr 14, 2024

The Human Coach approach is designed to navigate clients through their Misguided Unconscious Decisions (MUD) — the faulty narratives or "seed stories" that underlie their repeated patterns, stuck emotions, physical symptoms, and recurrent obstacles. By employing the COACH acronym within each session, the Human Coach provides a structured yet flexible process tailored to identify and transform these deep-seated narratives. This method addresses the client's current life challenges and aligns with the broader spectrum of human existence, encompassing finance, health and fitness, relationships, and purpose and meaning. These areas correlate with the chakra system, offering a holistic lens through which to view and address clients' issues.

C - Connect (and Clarify)

  1. Connect: Begin each session by connecting with the client and creating a safe and supportive environment. This involves active listening, empathy, and validating the client's experiences and feelings.

  2. Clarify: Identify the client's session goals and larger objectives in the coaching process. Use this time also to pinpoint the areas of MUD — where they feel most stuck or challenged. Ask questions that encourage reflection on the four jobs of every human (finance, health, and fitness, relationships, purpose, and meaning) to see where imbalances might lie.

O - Observe (and Outline)

  1. Observe: Together with the client, observe the patterns that emerge in their stories, particularly focusing on repeated patterns, stuck emotions, physical symptoms, and recurrent obstacles. Pay attention to how these patterns might relate to the lower chakras (finance and health), middle chakras (relationships), and higher chakras (purpose and meaning).

  2. Outline: Develop an outline of the client's current narratives, especially those that seem to be seed stories creating MUD in their life. Highlight how these narratives might influence their experiences in every human's four jobs.

A - Assess (Analyze and Address)

  1. Analyze: Dive deeper into the outlined narratives to analyze their origins and impacts. Use techniques like journaling (WET and Feel, Deal, Heal) and meditation to explore these stories further. Encourage clients to see the connection between their narratives, emotional states, physical health, and life experiences.

  2. Address: Begin to address these narratives by questioning their validity and helpfulness. Guide the client in exploring alternative narratives that could be more empowering and aligned with their desired outcomes.

C - Coach (Change and Challenge)

  1. Change: Support the client in committing to change by developing actionable steps that reflect their new narratives. This could involve setting small, achievable goals or practicing new behaviors and thought patterns.

  2. Challenge: Challenge the client to step out of their comfort zone and apply these changes in their daily life. Use "Be It Until You See It" strategies to help them embody their new stories, reinforcing the transformation process.

H - Homework (Heal and Harmonize)

  1. Heal: Facilitate the healing process by continuously supporting the client as they implement changes, offering guidance, and adjusting strategies as needed. Encourage reflection on the healing journey, acknowledging growth and shifts in perception.

  2. Harmonize: Work with the client to harmonize their new narratives with their overall sense of self and life vision. This includes ensuring alignment across the chakras, particularly focusing on balancing the lower, middle, and higher chakras in relation to the four jobs of every human.

Application Through the Chakra Lens

The COACH process is deeply intertwined with the chakra system, providing a comprehensive framework for understanding and addressing the client's life challenges:

  • Lower Chakras (Root and Sacral): Focus on issues related to finance and health, encouraging stability, security, and pleasure in these areas.

  • Middle Chakras (Solar Plexus and Heart): Address challenges in relationships, fostering self-esteem, autonomy, love, and compassion.

  • Higher Chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown): Guide the client in finding purpose and meaning, enhancing their communication, intuition, and spiritual connection.

By systematically working through the COACH process and applying the insights from the chakra system, the Human Coach helps clients untangle the MUD of their lives, leading them towards a clearer, more empowered, and harmonious existence. This chapter lays the foundation for Human Coaches to effectively guide their clients through the transformative journey of self-discovery and change, ensuring that they not only navigate out of their stuckness but also move towards fulfilling their potential across all facets of life.


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