The Next Level Man 

Cabo 2018

It is action that defines us and talk that cheapens us. Focused, disciplined action even in the face of uncertainty, pain, fear and failure, that is the essence of man. But the ability to muster our courage and pull the trigger comes from knowing who we are and clearly defining who we want to become. The only way to do this is to live it, not talk about it. This is what the Next Level Man is all about. A group of brothers who take on the pursuit to level-up, together. Read on below for more....



a group of brothers who travel together, attack fears together, learn together, support the others in business, have one another's backs in their relationships and elevate as humans, together.

The Next Level Man event is in an invitation to join an exclusive group of men pursuing their ancient calling as warriors, redefining what man is and each individually becoming the man he was always destined to be

Friday January 26th to Sunday January 28th.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico









What To Expect

Next Level Man is an invite only event for men looking to level-up in career, business, relationship, finances, and most importantly, life purpose. This first event is free, but be ready to get uncomfortable. This event is not about soft, new-age woo. It is about action and we will take it together.

Remember You Die

The invocation of the Stoics. It's not "Seize The Day," it's "Seize Your Life." You are what's holding you back. Here, with your brothers, we will help you begin the process and conquer your demons.


The successful are not lucky, born into riches, smarter or more talented. They simply have a different operating system. Experience these six superpowers for yourself, practice them and learn how to master them.

Easy Is Earned

What you don't know is not the problem, it's what you don't confront that's robbing your life. Fear is an acronym, Find. Engage. And. Resolve. Courage is your birth rite, here you will learn it again... or for the first time.

Lead By Dr. Jade Teta

From dumb jock to physician, author and then self-made business man. Plus a marriage, a love affair, a betrayal, a divorce and a reawakening. Most people let their story define them, and then there are those who define their story.

I am on that path. I don't have it completely figured out, but I may have walked a bit further than most; perhaps even you. The point is to help you discover and then redefine who you were and who you are to become. That is what I would like to help you do. And ask you to help me achieve as well.

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"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one!"

Marcus Aurelius

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