It's Not What Happened To You, It's The Story You Told Yourself About What Happened


It's Not Everything Happens For A Reason, It's Things Happen & You Make A Reason

It's Not Leap and The Net Will Appear, It's Leap and Weave The Net As You Fall

Next Level Human


What is a Next Level Human?

When you think, act & behave as a virtuous person when no one is watching & with no need for recognition or reciprocation.

When you judge yourself before judging others. When you see yourself as no better or worse than any other human. 

When life is not about winning or fitting in. When personal growth is measured above material gain.

When you can go through troubles and suffering and still be grateful. When your pain becomes your path. When suffering becomes a source of growth. When obstacles show you the way.

When you realize we are all in this together.

When you realize being next-level does not make you higher level. When you say what you mean, and do what you say.

When you choose to create a legacy, not for yourself, but for others. If you are not here to help, why are you here?


There has never been another human like you in the history of the world. Nor will there ever be again. You are a spiritual fingerprint, a "purpose potential." There is something you can contribute to the world that no one else can deliver in the way that you can. When you choose to step into this mission and use it to grow yourself, enrich others and evolve the world, you have started the way of The Next Level Human.

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"For so long I avoided the painful things in my life. Then I realized they were the exact lessons I needed to do the work I am here to do. That is when everything changed."

Maisy Bouchey

"It was just the humble recognition that I have something unique to contribute. That is when I stopped playing the culture-level game of popularity. I stepped into my own game of purpose and I have never felt this fulfilled"

Janell Parks