Next Level Human

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The 3 Types

Each of us have within us 3 types of humans, Base Level, Culture Level & Next Level. It is our Next Level selves we must come to know, cultivate and support. That is where our growth, potential and fulfillment lie. That is how we can matter and create meaning in the world.


The successful are not lucky, born into riches, smarter or more talented. They simply have a different operating system. Imagine there were a series of stepwise principles that successful people follow and that you could learn? There are and there are 6 of them.

The Six Steps

Understanding the six powers is not enough. Change and challenge are required for growth. There are steps you must take inside each of the six principles. Know yourself, choose yourself, prepare yourself, earn yourself, defend yourself and share yourself

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good human should be. Be one!"

Marcus Aurelius

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