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4 Levels Of Challenging Progression

Metabolic Male 1.0

Elevate testosterone & awaken the metabolism with full body hybrids


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Metabolic Male 2.0

Build lean muscle and get the afterburn with metabolic chains.


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Metabolic Male 3.0

Amplify fat loss with high-volume metabolic circuits.


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Metabolic Male 4.0

Scorch fat and elevate fitness with advanced metabolic conditioning


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  • An entire 52 weeks of workouts
  • Perfectly progressed for the male metabolism!
  • Individually tailored through rest-based training
  • Metabolic optimization to heal the metabolism, burn fat and keep it off



”Three 15-minute workouts a week and thirty-pound weight loss! This was crazy easy! -- Eric P.

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The Creator's Story..

At forty I was out of shape and struggling. I was training 6 days a week, eating decent, and just not getting any results.  Then I started taking my own advice. I started training less frequently but with higher quality workouts using rest-based training to hit the perfect intensity.

Let's face it, 40 is different than when you are younger. As we age we need to know how to manage intensity and do enough but not too much. That is why I developed Metabolic Male.

I figured out my Goldilocks level and everything changed.  I have used the principles in Metabolic Male to get and stay in shape through my forties

A Fast-Action, High-Instensity workout designed just for men. Results in 15 minutes, three times per week..

Metabolic Male is a male only workout program that burns fat, shapes muscle, raises Testosterone and fights aging around the clock.  While you’re relaxing, walking the dog or asleep in bed, it continues to work its magic on your metabolism for up to hours, perhaps even days, AFTER you workout.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Science

Based on Cutting-Edge, Specific Scientific Research

The number one reason cited by men as to why they don't exercise with weights is time.
In terms of goals, most men are not looking to be bodybuilders, they want to look lean and muscular at the same time— like athletes.

Men also want to optimize testosterone levels and improve health. They want to do this in a way that works with their unique fitness levels and physical abilities.

So how does one design a workout that raises testosterone levels in men, provides great overall fitness (i.e. simultaneous cardio and resistance training benefits), excels at fat loss, builds muscle, does not cause excessive hunger and cravings, honors the fact that as individuals we all respond to something different and, most importantly is time efficient?

Research provides clues.
  • An October 2012 study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (Volume 26, #10, PMID: 22796997) showed shorter rest periods in workouts elicited more testosterone and minimized excess cortisol. This translates into more muscle gain (testosterone) & less hunger and cravings (cortisol). Rest-based training, like that used in Metabolic Male uses short rest periods. It does this in a way that allows the individual man to be self-autonomous in the workout. It also shortens workout time.
  • Two studies published in March 2008 from the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (volume 22, #2, PMID: 18550957 & PMID: 18550956) showed that hormonal responses (testosterone & cortisol) in male weight lifters during exercise were variable depending on different protocols. The first study showed different protocols (high reps & low weight, low reps & high weight, and two other protocols) created maximum testosterone responses depending on the individual man. The second study showed that when these men were given the protocol that elicited the greatest testosterone response they got better results in muscle gain.  This shows that there is no one way to go about exercise and that workouts should be individualized, not one-size-fits-all.

Finding #1

Low testosterone leads to belly fat in men
Both women’s and men’s bodies have 2 main choices for fuel during exercise: fat or sugar. When men exercise they tend to burn more sugar and less fat.

But the female metabolism prefers burning less sugar and more fat.

This may sound bad, but men have the advantage in the post-workout period (PMID: 14599232)Men have greater afterburn effects.  Some studies even hint men can burn fat for 48 hours after intense workouts.
A 2014 study in the Scandinavian Journal Of Medicine & Science In Sports (June 2014, 24(3) PMID: 24118097) showed that more intense exercise of shorter duration was superior for men with more belly fat & metabolic syndrome.

Finding #2

Combination training may deliver more results for men.
A March 2015 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
(29(3), PMID: 25162652), showed a concentric lifting workout that combined aerobic intervals generated a a greater calorie burn than the same amount of time spent doing cardio or weights alone.

Other studies bolster these findings.
A March 2002 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology (86(5), PMID: 11882927), showed a 30-minute, fast-paced resistance training workout generated a metabolic after-burn effect for close to 2 days after the workout ended.

Metabolic Male takes advantage of the same type of combination training.
It is best thought of as "lifting weights faster." Not faster in terms of lifting speed, but faster in terms of shorter rest periods.
These rest periods are individualized through rest-based training. This way each man gets a high-intensity workout that optimizes their own hormonal response

Finding #3

Metabolic Male Workouts allow for autonomy and individualization in the workout.

Why is this better?

It takes advantage of a psychological principle called "self-determination theory."  The idea is that when individuals are given control over their workout rest periods, they don't push less hard, they optimize intensity.  
Research proves it
In a 2010 study, male runners were put through two trials. In the first trial, one, two, and four minutes of rest were given after four minutes of intense exertion.
Researchers determined that 2 minutes of rest was optimal for these athletes.

The second trial instructed the men to rest as long as they felt was adequate and resume the workout when they “felt” ready.

The average rest taken? 118 seconds, almost identical to the two minutes research determined was optimal. This shows individualizing rest was safer and as effective, if not more effective.


You got this! This is a workout you can do, and be consistent with because you are in charge of your own intensity and the workouts are short, intense and effective.



The only rest-based, follow-along, metabolic conditioning workouts for men on the market